Industrial aluminum profiles are steadily rising, and domestic high-end aluminum companies are embracing development opportunities

2018-04-11 19:24

The output of industrial aluminum profiles is expected to increase steadily in 2016, especially in the application of large industrial profiles in the transportation sector. Industry insiders have analyzed that based on the strong demand for industrial aluminum profiles in China, the inevitable trend of output growth is bound to bring good opportunities for development to domestic high-end aluminum processing enterprises.
The reason why the report reached the above conclusions stems from the rational return of China's real estate market and the further slowdown in the growth of building materials. The report believes that in 2016, the growth rate of investment in the real estate industry is expected to further decline, the real estate market continues to adjust, and housing prices will continue to make a reasonable return. China's real estate market has completed the transition from housing shortage to upgrading and improvement, and the potential demand for housing will decline year by year in the future. Affected by this, the consumption growth rate of construction aluminum profiles will further slow down.
The report also points out that the production of large industrial profiles used in the transportation sector will increase. This also means that China Zhongwang, whose products have been widely used in the transportation field, has already taken the lead.
It is understood that with the official production of China Zhongwang Deep Processing Center, the company will develop a batch of new products that comply with the trend of lightweight transportation, and a variety of newly developed products are undergoing testing and verification. In addition, Zhongwang's aluminum calendaring project in Tianjin will also begin production. The first production line will mainly produce aluminum alloy medium and thick plates, including transportation plates and chemical container plates used in aerospace, shipbuilding, commercial vehicles, special vehicles, and rail vehicles. Currently, these products are basically imported in China, and no domestic enterprise can achieve such production, The production of Zhongwang aluminum rolling material project will make up for the gap in the domestic high-end aluminum processing aluminum alloy plate market.